Dreamfall is a fan fiction co-written by NoctourneOfShadows and Flutter Night.

There is currently only one chapter, but is speculated to span up to 300 chapters with 7 arcs dividing the chapters. Dreamfall is currently a not very popular story, but over time, it may turn into one of the biggest gems in MLP literature. Though, that is just speculation. 


The story opens with two human brothers living in a house out in the middle of nowhere. They were eating dinner when suddenly Luna and Twilight Sparkle appeared on their dinner table. Luna and Twilight received a warm welcome by the two humans, named Seth and Jonathan.

Twilight told the two that she and Luna were there to take Seth and Jonathan to Equestria as an experiment to see how aliens adapt to Equestria. After a round of discussion from the two brothers, Jonathan said to the two that they were going to think about it over night.Luna and Twilight then decided that it was time to go to sleep.

Seth and Luna went to sleep in Seth's room and Jonathan and Twilight went to go sleep in Jonathan's room. After some time of Jonathan showing his small bedroom to Twilight, she decided to go take a shower.

Immediately after returning, Jonathan decided to brush her mane for her. Afterwards, she asked him what was the point in doing that if it was just going to get messy again when she woke up. Jonathan responded that she would look good while sleeping, which caused her to blush. After that, Twilight decided to go to bed, while Jonathan slept on the floor. 

After that scene, Seth showed Luna his room. Which was remarkably larger than Jonathan's room, despite him being the younger brother. The other thing was that he had pictures of anime and MLP on the walls, which Jonathan did not. But Luna was not focused on those details, as she found a more interesting sight for her, a stack of poems, journal entries and etc. Which she found, quite spectacular.

As the two were about to go to sleep, Seth heard a remarkably loud bang, which woke both Jonathan and Twilight up. The two parties left there rooms at the same time to investigate the bang, they eventually met up as Jonathan pulled out a gun from the house's closet. As the group headed towards the origin of the sound, Jonathan caught a glimpse of a very slender-looking man with a gun of his own.  Seth urged Luna and Twilight to go back to the rooms, but Luna walked out to confront the man. This caused the man, out of fear, to pull up his gun. Seth took the gun out of Jonathan's hands and ran out, causing the man to shoot towards Seth. Seth managed to dodge the bullet barely, and then shot the man in the foot, he then ran over to the man and disarmed him. To avoid further problems, Seth pushed the man out of a nearby window.

To Seth's shock, the man was stabbed through the chest by a large piece of glass. After that, Seth and Luna went to his bedroom while Jonathan and Twilight went to his bedroom. Luna was concerned over Seth's health, but he told her that he was fine. Jonathan, Twilight, Luna, and Seth went to sleep soundly.