With the showing of "A Friend In Deed" (which I will say is one of my favorite season 2 episodes), there are eight remaining new episodes to be aired. With the season nearing the end, I thought it'd be nice to ponder about possibilities for the final episode this season. In season 1, episode three "The Ticket Master," the episode after the battle with Nightmare Moon, established that the Mane 6 would be attending Princess Celestia's Grand Galloping Gala somewhere in the future; this came to fruition in the last episode of season one "The Best Night Ever," where the dreams and hopes of the Mane 6 presented in "The Ticket Master" were crushed. The Gala ends, as you may recall, with the Mane 6 and Princess Celestia in Pony Joe's donut shop laughing at the catastrophe the night was, concluding that their being with each other made it the best night ever.

In season 2, episode three "Lesson Zero," the episode after the Mane 6's battle with Discord, Twilight learns that she shouldn't allow a small problem to be blown to astronomical proportions, while the other five learn to take one's woes seriously, no matter how small. Celestia orders all of them to write letters to her expressing their discoveries of friendship ("when, and only when, you happen to discover them."). Like "The Ticket Master," the Mane 6 in "Lesson Zero" are all expected to do something for Princess Celestia: As they're invited to the Gala in "The Ticket Master," they're expected to send Celestia letters in "Lesson Zero." . . . Now I realize that may not be a strong relationship between the two episodes.

Anyway, in season 1, the third episode and the last episode are linked, with a mention of the gala in episode 14 "Suited For Success." The question I'm getting to is: since the second season is coming to a close (even though there are seven more episodes before the finale), do you think the last episode will/should reflect some sort of accumulative aspect from "Lesson Zero," such as if what each of them have learned is put to a test designed by Princess Celestia (maybe Rainbow Dash not being boastful a la "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" or Applejack having to confide something dark to her friends and family a la "The Last Roundup")? Or maybe something to do with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, since they've had two or three episodes so far (depending on how you cound "The Sisterhooves Social," which didn't have Scootaloo)? Or do you think something different will/should happen?

This post is long, I think, and I apologize if it's too long. I hope you all have a wonderful week!