Well it's been more than a year since I've ever created a blog.  

And this blog was kinda overdue, I thought of the concept for New Years but I never got around to posting it. Better two months late than never, right?  This is blog is one where we discuss some of our most memorable moments here at MLP wikia.  Be it on the chat, blogs, or just the edits.  

For me one of my favorite moments would have to be in the chat and I was going on and on with godawful puns.  Then EHAN joined while that happened and basically all Hell broke loose once Toski joined.  All in all it was one helluva night.  Probably would do it again if I can find some more material.  (hue)

Now I'd like to hear from you all.  No doubt there's bound to be something even more worthy of sharing than this.  And to top it off have a Duane gif to help you not concentrate.