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    So I've noticed something lately. Something I have seen to much of, and my brain demands I make this. Quite frankly ... what is up with all these "Game" blogs? It isn't the fact there are so many, as it seems rather than the fact they get so much more attention. Many people have created different types of blogs, and get little to no attention at all. Be it for a work they've created, or something else that isn't really a type of gameplay for the Wiki User to get a quick bit of fun out of.

    When I came here much more frequantly, in the past of 2013, I noticed something about blogs ... its sort of the reason I made so many. They were interesting, and people seemed to connect through them all. But given the extensive amount of game blogs,…

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    Hello! I'm Nuka-Social. Many of you know me as a aspring musician from the Wiki. If you do, you are entitled to the cookies and punch by the door. If you are not, then you must walk across the room to the other door, and get the cookies and punch there on your way out, or pay me in space money to still walk over there, grab some, and then stay.

    If you couldn't tell this was a joke ... Get out. Now. No. Just go. Get! Out! SCRAM.

    Just kidding. However, as I have aspired to be a producer, I've created my first few songs, and I wanted to share them on this blog. But don't worry! For I shall only leave the ones I am most proud of. I'll even leave pretty descriptions about them, next to them.

    My songs contain hardly little to no vocals. Maybe that …

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    Hello! I am Nuka-Social, or as many of you simply know me as Nuka. I have been busy recently, and for some of you this should explain why I have not visited the chat as much anymore. I do have have obligations to others to be away now, but I have a new obligation to fulfill with a writing project I am working on.

    The reason I make a blog over this is simply because I do not believe many people from the MLP:FiM Wiki have made many fanfictions, or at least not a lot I have heard about. So I figured it should be made known that I am working on one, and am interested in hearing other peoples opinions or ideas for the story.

    Currently, I have spent a week on only the first two chapters, and am just now getting to the third. I would like to give pr…

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    Hello! Easy. What did you get for Chrismtas?

    I got...

    - A Force-a-Nature poster! KNOCK EM' BACK! with the Force-a-Freakin'-Nature! (TF2 Poster)

    -A blue Demoman stickybomb!

    -Pyro poster. Simply incredably scary! Which makes it just dandy that it gave me a paper cut.

    -Reese's. Delicious.

    -Caramel chocolate things... Delicious?

    -New earbuds that nearly made me go deaf, since I got used to my old ones at 100! Now I can hear it prefect clarity at only 30.

    -... A lot of money.

    -Two TF2 t-shirts featuring Sentry & Mr. Ballonicorn, and the other being Spy!

    -Seat heater for my car, so my butt doesn't get frostbite.

    -Investing Online for Dummies.

    Thats about it! What did you get for Christmas?

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    Here in this blog, I have decided to make up something goofy. I was in the most annoying of places, (THE FREAKIN' CHAT.) and I came up with a goofy idea for an episode! I do not support this idea...

    I'll leave the episode idea as a comment, and your ideas don't have to be full scripts. Thats right! Because I want you to play this game with me! Make up something goofy, but not "to" goofy, and post it! If you like it, comment, so that that person feels the love you share for their idea. And if you hate it... Just be quite. Please... This isn't some massive media center where people from all across the world can access!...

    Just kidding. It is. But just make it in the form of a question of what you hate/dislike, or a suggestion.

    And may t…

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