Hello! Muffins and punch are by the door... GRAB SOME.(rage)

I have seen so many "Ask Me's" that I finally thought to myself...

"Again?! Wow! This must be SUCH an idea! I'll start MY OWN...(mustache) "

And decided make my very own... Ask-A-Way: Nuka Edition, addition! Simply marvelous!

Here, I will reply to your questions in a humous way. So be sure to ask a lot about me. Ah, yes. Fascinating!

This is to make em' laugh. But if you have any question you think I can reply to, please. Ask away!

And to make this SUPER interactive, I encourage others to reply to others questions too.

Some rules are: Don't be a jerk if your replying to a question. It makes you look... well it kind of makes you look like an agent of King Sombra. Or a colorful cute bug known as a paraspirte.

And now folks, its time to Ask-A-Way!