Hello there! (Halo)

So I've been thinking... a lot about things. And I will tell you those things now. :P I've been thinking about leaving. But why would Nuka want to leave such a *COOOOUUUGGGGHHHH!* ...wonderful place? Well, its just that my friendships here haven't been working out. Thats for starters. And no matter how hard of tired to fix them, they just aren't worth it. Why aren't they worth it? Because the people I try to fix them with simply don't care (Sure makes it pretty hard to save a friendship!). However, through the failing, distant, or gone friends, I've made greater friends through it. Speaking about this being a wonderful place, I've never been to such a... *COOOUUUGGGGHHHH!* friendly and fair place in the way of authority! Truly something to marvel at. The place I always hung out at here was always full of life, and interesting, funny, and totally not-bad-at-all-conversations! Especially when the authority was "busy" or totally away, or was just distracted by the not-bad-at-all-conversations themselves! But really. Enough sarcasm... This isn't even directed at anypony/one. This is actually just a way to tell everypony/one I'm leaving. And how they may be able to contact me for the future if they'd like. You may find me through Skype, Steam, BronyNet (R.I.P. BronyNet. Frown. :c), or by searching for Nuka-Social. You may also be able to find me on Grooveshark, playing some ponytunes, and not so pony-tunes. But mostly its just... So much pony. (Octavia)

I am also leaving because I have actually found this place very sort of ill-distracting. And it isn't worth Rarity (rarely*. See what I did there?! HO HO OH!) coming here, only to get sad over missing friendships... That I can't fix anymore. (Evil) In replace of this time though, I will be trying to make ze musics! :D And if you don't know me, but wish you did, you can always get to know me too! :P So don't be affraid to search my name up in those places, because everyone should be a friend. Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to find me at another wiki! But if you can't, I may come back from time to ti- "Oh, does that mean s/he isn't leaving at all?! Why would s/he make this then?!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT, oh my gooddd!! (Twist)...From time to time for some people.

As for the sad stuff, this is pretty sad for me. But in a way... I see so much cheesey stuff I could say! This will be an all new different way of going about my day I think. With new potential friends, and new choices and possiblites. I'm so glad I could include so much humor into this. But as I have kept saying in the comments, I do plan to come back eventually!

I'm sorry if this offended anyone because IT WASN'T MEANT TOO! But really, if it did dude... relax. (Vinyl)

So this is Nuka giving one last away... Awwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy, socks forevaarrrrr!!! (Forever)