Hello, and I'll say it now, this is inspired by the fine friendly person I call Crimson.

So its a little different from his idea of "Continue to Story," but rather instead, I start off the story like his version, only it doesn't go every way imagineable.

Instead, the goal is to ether keep the story on track, or branch into another story somehow. However, you can attempt to pull it back into the main story, that currently holds the blog, or even another story that had held the blog before.

By branching off you create a new story that can hold the blog.

The only real rule in this is to not throw cheap shots like "they all die." Thats just showing your a cranky doodle donkey for sure.

If that happens though, just ignore it, and continue from a vaild one! :P

I recommend trying to keep it on track, and to throw it off. Both require the use of your grand imaginations!

So I will start off the story, and you decide what happens next. I will start off with a lovely story, about Twilight having to cross a bridge on the mountain, where the dragon had once decided to sleep for a very long time...