Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Tis I your host of the blog! Nuka-Social, of the Moon!

And today is a very grand and mentionable day. Thats right! Incase you shockingly havent heard, its New Years Eve of 2013 to 2014!

And today, and tonight, or whatever timezone you currently stand in, I ask of you one thing ladies and gentlemen...

What I ask of you is simple. I ask that you give all the happy moments of your life from 2013 to this blog. And do so by expressing your happiness. Not just saying it. Express it by really putting feeling into your moments with things such as... Dots! Because heck, on the internet that counts as drama! Proper grammar! Because you care! And also things like world events that may of made you happy! Because heck... We need a reminder of those times. Oh, yes, for those times are what indeed made this year so great! What it is now! And so did the years before, but this year, is the year we honor year 2013!

(Just not "happy times" that may of negitivly affected people.)

I also ask, that today you avoid fights. And enjoy today. And enjoy the way you want. And I hope the way you want, is with that somebody, or somebodys, that want you among them. Or beside them! Forgive your enemies. And if not, at least agree to forgive them for today alone. Because peace for a day, is much more valuable than hostilies for a lot of days in my brain.

And so, my dear readers, I now ask of you another thing... I ask of you... to begin. :D

And Happy New Year! From Nuka-Social!