Hello once again! And welcome to... Nuka's Complainayslum.

A ayslum, where you can complain about stupid things, and good things, simply because of actual personal feelings and thoughts, or just the horrible fan-urge to complain, that dwells deep within' your brain. (crazy)

Though it isn't just that! Heck naw! Here you can complain about it with humor! HILLAIREOUS! (cheer)

"Yeah! Because then it'll get so pupular and on the most popular blog side of the page aga!- We mean... It'll get so popular lots of people will come and comment on your posts... And we'll get are cutie marks in blogging for sure! (awkward)"

... (ocatvia) As I was saying, its just another make em' laugh things I made. But try to keep it focused on things that people find funny. Like... The DMV. Thats pretty funny in cartoons... Their nice if you work with them...

Time to make... THE COMPLAINTS! (pf)

And of course, there are food and drink by the door.

Example: Those overly high-standerds of people that never know what the heck there talking about, and refuse to accept the thoughts of anyone else just because their ignorant and over-logical.