So I've noticed something lately. Something I have seen to much of, and my brain demands I make this. Quite frankly ... what is up with all these "Game" blogs? It isn't the fact there are so many, as it seems rather than the fact they get so much more attention. Many people have created different types of blogs, and get little to no attention at all. Be it for a work they've created, or something else that isn't really a type of gameplay for the Wiki User to get a quick bit of fun out of.

When I came here much more frequantly, in the past of 2013, I noticed something about blogs ... its sort of the reason I made so many. They were interesting, and people seemed to connect through them all. But given the extensive amount of game blogs, and views they get, I have this idea people simply make them for the views only. Another thing, is that views seem to have dropped massively since the past, where it seemed almost every blog could get at least about 10 comments on its page. Games here aren't the most amazing in my opinion, and I question this ...

What to you, the reader of this, makes games so amazing on the wiki?

[The rest is for the easily offended reader.]

Oh, yes, you're right. I am calling these games bad. Really bad. Thats all I focused on here, right? My exact words of what I said? Yeah, you're most likely right. Are you raging? Please do at me! Make sure to sign your signiture at the bottom like a big shot. "BOO-HOO," wasn't it? Let me give you an example so you won't screw up - it isn't like you ever do! "u jus jealous cuse u8 git nu view comment bo-hoo"