Hello there once more! (halo)

So I was on the chat when it was in its annoying mode, and it seemed like everyone was taking what I said out of context. But REALLY out of context, and to the next floor.

Not only that but grammar fixes galore... I try to learn from them but... (sigh) Sheesh, I get it, I suck at spelling your over "you're." (yuno)

What I made this for is this...

We give opinions on each other from the wiki here. But they just can't be to serious, because jeez dude, and they also cannot be to dramatic, because SHEESH, and they cannot be to long becuase, 'Boring!'

So please be considerate to those three rules, and this blog. Oh, and me!

Also, animation and other arts are acceptable to critic about are welcome too. For example, Double Rainboom.

May your the criticment of things and opinons of people... BEGIN!