Hello! I'm Nuka-Social. Many of you know me as a aspring musician from the Wiki. If you do, you are entitled to the cookies and punch by the door. If you are not, then you must walk across the room to the other door, and get the cookies and punch there on your way out, or pay me in space money to still walk over there, grab some, and then stay.

If you couldn't tell this was a joke ... Get out. Now. No. Just go. Get! Out! SCRAM.

Just kidding. However, as I have aspired to be a producer, I've created my first few songs, and I wanted to share them on this blog. But don't worry! For I shall only leave the ones I am most proud of. I'll even leave pretty descriptions about them, next to them.

My songs contain hardly little to no vocals. Maybe that will change. No vocals are in the songs I post.

1. Ponies & Tommy Guns ... Warning is in the title. No vocals, however. Just an epic song, inspired by idea of pony mobsters. Mostly Applejack, Octavia and Vinyl. This will be used an a upcoming animation and future fanfic collabration with a friend of mine named Shabbycat! Link to his channel right below! His YouTube channel. I CANNOT promise anything if you are easily offended. This has been a warning.

2. Fallout Equestria Theme ... I may not have read all of Fallout Equestria, but sheesh do I love it. I try to create a sort of "soundtrack feel" to it. As if I were playing a game like Fallout 3. No vocals.

3. Aegis's Tune ... Created for one of my good friends. As a wise hat once said ... With a name like Aegis ... "Get across the river. The bombs are coming in." ~Nuka-Someonelse

4. The Harmony Scrolls ... Could not have gotten anymore of a quick name than that. I have played the Elder Scrolls very first game, Arena, and I have to say I find it strange, yet so fascinating. Hard too! I made this for it.

5. Sterotypical 50s Cafe ... My most recent as of this blog! Inspired by a image I had in my head of Octavia waiting for Vinyl, in an oldie cafe. Also by Equestrian Mobsters/the same thing about ponies as mobsters I've mentioned already.

I would like to hear all of your opinions here. I use the Audiotool software, a free software you can get ... by looking it up, and downloading from Google Apps I suppose.

My Soundcloud! It shows a few other songs I've created, (One with vocals) and a few songs I've really really enjoyed by others. Enjoy! Or else Opal won't be to happies with you's ... but don'ts lets this gets in the way of your opinions. Derp.