Hello! I am Nuka-Social, or as many of you simply know me as Nuka. I have been busy recently, and for some of you this should explain why I have not visited the chat as much anymore. I do have have obligations to others to be away now, but I have a new obligation to fulfill with a writing project I am working on.

The reason I make a blog over this is simply because I do not believe many people from the MLP:FiM Wiki have made many fanfictions, or at least not a lot I have heard about. So I figured it should be made known that I am working on one, and am interested in hearing other peoples opinions or ideas for the story.

Currently, I have spent a week on only the first two chapters, and am just now getting to the third. I would like to give premissions to some people as to get their opinions on the first two chapters, and tell me about what they currently think. Contents of the story follow below!

  • Sad.
  • Romance.
  • Dark.
  • Gore. (Starts at chapter three only, so providing a heads up here.)
  • And other tags being considered.

The storys title is, "I Would Have Waited." A story about the background pony Vinyl Sctratch and her journey phyically and mentally to discover the truth on one question she now asks herself every day. Simply being "Why?" Octavia Melody, the pony Vinyl adored, left her the way she did on vague reasons while away in Canterlot.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention this is basically a huge SHIP-FICTION. BOO-HOO, right? So far it has around six-thousand words.

So if you're interested, please tell me you are on my talk page, so that I can consider giving you premissions to view the first two chapters for spelling errors, to simply share your opinions or ideas on what you liked or didn't like, or to just judge everything about it negativly and make me cry! Once the story is complete, it will be posted on another blog with a link to it, along with the proper warnings some folks may find disturbing.

If you have any questions about the story or for me, feel free to ask me here on this blog. Thanks.