Hello! And welcome to the Idea Factory!

I have brought you all here by fate to post 'YOUR' ideas and thougts, because I just wanna see how creative you folks really are.

A place where we can comment each others thoughts, and really make a good chance to improve them. So lets get this thing started already! And I'll be trying to post on as many as I can to help you folks out if I can. I'm... Quite the thinker, if I say so myself.

Example; Dishonored... But with ponies... Awesome...

Example 2; A fanfic about Snips... and him sitting down questioning his life... while still a filly... Wha-?

Example 3; What if the Super-Duper-Gold-Twi-Septer-Cane fell into the wrong hoofs like King Sombra?