Greetings folks! Today, I have brought you something good. Something grand. Something rather... Musically based... (octavia)

And this, will surely please everyone. Today, you may make someone appear in 'wow' behind a screen!

Today, we are posting what we believe to be the best MLP musical hits, in YOUR opinion!

What you do, is you tell your favorite MLP song, fanmade or not. Feel free to really tell us why too!

What you do, is make a list. Then, if people want they can search them. Make sure you give the artists name if you can, and of coure the song name. I recommend lists of about up to 1. to 10. songs or shorter. Seperate lists are allowed, and honestly very welcomed. :D

However, there are rules you must obey to have a fun time here...

1. Respect ALL peoples lists of favorite tunes. You can share your ideas, and opinions, and likes for them, only. And if someones doing this, or to you, please ignore them.

2. Do not make a list of links to your songs. However, a link for 'a' song is just fine!

3. 'Feel free' to comment on peoples list or song. It may start a nice conversation, ya' know. :P And yes, free talking is allowed. This place is really meant just to have fun, and be entertained by each others tastes in tunes.

4. Obey all of these rules at once, or just PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN! (rawr) x4MoARf.png

And que the music folks!! (vinyl)