Hello! Easy. What did you get for Chrismtas?

I got...

- A Force-a-Nature poster! KNOCK EM' BACK! with the Force-a-Freakin'-Nature! (TF2 Poster)

-A blue Demoman stickybomb!

-Pyro poster. Simply incredably scary! Which makes it just dandy that it gave me a paper cut.

-Reese's. Delicious.

-Caramel chocolate things... Delicious?

-New earbuds that nearly made me go deaf, since I got used to my old ones at 100! Now I can hear it prefect clarity at only 30.

-... A lot of money.

-Two TF2 t-shirts featuring Sentry & Mr. Ballonicorn, and the other being Spy!

-Seat heater for my car, so my butt doesn't get frostbite.

-Investing Online for Dummies.

Thats about it! What did you get for Christmas?