Hello! As many of you remember, I am Nuka-Social. The most annoyed of the lot, and the most threatening on a game of TF, I can assure thee!

Its been months since I have left. Now I am on Christmas Break, around the time I came and joined here one year ago. Time sure has gone slow in my opinion! But thats because I was indeed quite happy while I was away, and had to do a lot of things. Like plan my life... Yeah. Actually wasn't that bad.

I even met a dandy gal. But excuse me, I won't brag about that like some annoying person. "she5wub6me." - Surely you see what I mean what I'm "the most annoyed of the lot" when I say that... Oh, wait... Did people talking like that already pass on to something else? Hm? HMM? Whats next?! 89shrek499me?!

... Anyway. I was interested in coming back. If I like it, I'll stay, and if you'd all like me to stay (As I will be able to tell through this blog) then maybe my opinion to stay will be a bit more influenced. I would be happy to be at a place where people would enjoy having me around. *Cough* Even if they do just ignore me and others at times. *Coughing*

So! Cast your vote, and I shall tally!