I'm O4343, or O4 for short, and welcome to my first blog post! I'd like to start off my first blog with a few notes.

What kind of a Fan I am:

For all intents and purposes, I'm a brony. The specifics of my fan level are ever-changing. I don't go to conventions, I've started to write fanfiction, but it's mostly just elaborate outlines, and will take some time to actually start to write; and even then, it'll probably be a script, like my Sonic and Halo fanfiction...

If I had to rank the Mane 6, I'd go with:

1. Rainbow Dash (was tied with TS, but more recent RD episodes pushed her to the top. Also, gotta love the tsundere.)

2. Twilight Sparkle (I'm a somewhat neurotic bookworm and introvert too!)

3.Applejack (Not as high on the list at first, but she started to grow on me)

4. Fluttershy

5. Pinkie Pie

6. Rarity

Shameless Plug for the Gamers on this Site

If you're looking for a gaming forum, I have an account on The Real Forums, and am a member of TXI.

And now, the substance of my first blog:

Random Observations concerning MLP:FiM

So, and I noted this in an anon post earlier, the two-part opening of Season 3 reminded me of the ending of Mass Effect 3 (not in a bad way, though. Curse you, Starchild, you ruined the whole thing for me! *shakes fist*): First, the hero (Twilight/Commander Shepherd) was given a mission to defeat an ancient evil (King Sombra/The Reapers, or specifically Harbinger). This evil is menacing but is rarely seen (you only encounter Harbinger face to face at the very end of the 3rd game, while Sombra only shows his physical form at the end and in that flashback). Sombra rarely spoke and was rarely shown, but when he did speak and was shown, dang, I kept thinking about Harby and the Reaps. Further, the evil (Sombra/Harby) doesn't actually full on attack until the end. After working hard, and acquiring the item that is supposed to defeat the ancient evil (The Crystal Heart/The Catalyst), the hero has to "sacrifice" themselves (literally for Cmr. Shep, unless you picked Red) in order for another party (Spike+Cadance/Starchild+Crucible) to finish the fight. Granted, the similarities end there (I hated ME3's ending), but the concept of the hero having to let someone else end the fight was a good one, and I really liked the S3 opening partly because of that. If only ME3 had had a good ending like that...

Next Observation: Wonderbolts Academy reminded me of Top Gun, Starship Troopers, and Wing Commander, in that order. Lightning Dust sort of reminded me of Todd Marshall (cocky new recruit, thrill seeker, disregard for safety), but without the revelation that Marshall had (that poor love interest...).

Next One, about Characters: Anytime I imagine Pinkie Pie as a human, I picture her as Irish (with the typical accent, too). Picture it: Pinkie throwing a party, dancing with a buch of others, with "Garryowen" or "Drunken Sailor" playing in the background. Maybe it's because whenever I picture a giant party, I picture an Irish pub...

Observation: MLP:FiM reminds me more of anime then Western Animation. Not in terms of art style, but in terms of plot, character types, etc. Not quite sure why. Maybe I'm watching too much anime...

A "Recent Developments" Note: Not really looking forward to that rumored "Equestria Girls" spinoff. I was personally hoping for an anime if they ever decided to do a "The Mane 6 become humans" thing. In terms of art style, I'd probably enjoy an anime "Equestria Girls" more. I mean, if a western series like Halo or the Matrix can do anime, why not MLP? Nonetheless, I'll probably give it a shot despite my reservations (if it isn't just a rumor).

A S3 Finale Note: The more I think about the episode, the more I love it. I loved the songs, thought the plot was good, and the alicorn thing felt well-implemented and well-foreshadowed. Granted, I spent most of the finale in a joy-enduced near-death state...

(Note: I liked The first LotR film less than Wing Commander, Air Force One, and Eragon. I also consider Stargate a better film than the entire LotR film trilogy, so judge my criticism of shows and films appropriately)

And One Last Note:

That pizza deliveryman got a 6 Dollar tip off me... and I didn't even notice...

Oh, Almost Forgot!

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