• Oakydoke

    Ponies that need to be repolled on the List subreddit after my upcoming vacation:

    • Gingerbread

    Ponies that need to be otherwise updated:

    • Amethyst Beat

    Youngest poll >4 weeks:

    • Charm

    Mods, don't be shy, if you're a mod then go for a repoll while I'm gone!

    (Sorry for this note-to-self, I couldn't think of many places to put it)

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  • Oakydoke

    Woot, finally got a badge for 500 edits! If only my schedule were free enough to get the Element of Kindness badge...

    Here's one of the edits that got me here: the torturous tracking of S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #7's appropriate profile image and color scheme. From identifying the scene and pony in question, to taking an alternate image that reveals a slightly different color scheme, to getting a tip-off to a much better scene.

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  • Oakydoke


    July 1, 2013 by Oakydoke

    Not able to see Equestria Girls in theatres? Here is a decent YouTube recording... you might want to also buy it on DVD too (support Hasbro!), to see if you can spot all the Equestrian cameos in the movie!

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  • Oakydoke

    Scavenger Hunting!

    June 15, 2013 by Oakydoke

    Looking for something fun to do on the wiki while you're waiting out the hiatus? Look no further than your fellow bronies! Some of us have manipulated the wiki's lengthy and numerous pages to provide you with fun scavenger hunt games. If you're ever bored, check out the list below:

    • Roadside Picnic's pony scavenger hunt
    • Ghostkaiba297's scavenger hunt
    • Alicorn Feathers' scavenger hunt (note: started on May 11th)
    • MusicalCupcake's scavenger hunt

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  • Oakydoke

    Well, that was silly.

    June 14, 2013 by Oakydoke

    I don't suppose Chocolate Haze is an honorary crystal pony? Maybe this is a good reason why we need a crystal pony list.

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