Note: This may or may not contain spoilers, so I recommend not reading this if you at least haven't read the synopsis. Then again... why would you even look at this page if you didn't want spoilers? @__@ But if you want to read anyway, red text will signal significant spoiling.

Baby Cakes S2E13 Eating

Om nom nom nom~

First off, the episode as a whole. I predicted the outcome fairly early on, but I can't say I wasn't touched by the cuteness anyway. I mean, look at their faces! However, after reading some comments on the video, I do have to agree: some of the morals were given among mixed messages and confusing tones. Yes, the idea was to teach that babies can be a big responsibility, but note how Pinkie handles the situations she is faced with. Whenever she is faced with a conflict, she tries to make them laugh, and they stop. However, at the end when she should learn that she needs to be serious enough to handle two foals, she yells at them and they are instantly quiet. How on earth does that keep them hushed? This would have been a good time to introduce Pinkie to a 'quiet' side, and make her learn patience and care with foals. Then, as a grand finale, the problem is solved when Pinkie herself gives up and starts crying. That should never be the appropriate solution to any problem, but here Pinkie is, crying to herself.


There definitely were some things I did like about the episode, though. The first was the idea of the Cakes having kids in the first place- aww! I had even predicted the name Cheesecake, though I'm sure Pumpkin Cake is just as suitable...

Second, at the beginning of the episode, we find out that the Cakes (two earth ponies) have given birth to a unicorn and a pegasus. What?! Interspecies babies?! Yes, it has finally happened. I was actually wondering this the other day, about whether two different pony species could produce children, but I guess that's how it goes. Note that even though their children are pegasus/unicorn, the Cakes show no signs of either species. Did the traits to grow wings and horns skip their generation? I suppose my theory could be explained with something I call the 'Wizard/Muggle/Squib Theory'. (For those of you Harry Potter fans, you should be familiar with this, and you are now understanding the Cakes as you read this line. Nifty, eh?)

You see, in Harry Potter, wizard genetics can be quite random. First, there's the 'pure-blood' gene: that two wizards will give birth to another wizard. (This is how I assumed most ponies reproduced, until today.) However, in Harry Potter, a wizard and a 'muggle' (non-wizard) can reproduce, and still create a wizard. However, the wizarding gene might also end there, and every child for the next generations could be muggles. Now, here's the tricky part: there are some wizards that are born to muggles, and are just randomly born with magical talent without any genetic background at all. I'm starting to wonder if that's how the pony genes work; if, for example, and unicorn and a pegasus could mate and produce either a unicorn or a pegasus, not a weird half-and-half monstrosity (sorry Celestia).

VergeOfCryingPinkie S02E13

Yeah, I'm getting carried away.

This brings me to the Squib part of my theory; in Harry Potter, there's the rare occasion where two wizards could have a baby, but the wizarding gene skipped the child, and the poor kid is magicless, called a 'Squib'. Is it possible for two unicorns to get together and make an earth pony? Would this earth pony have the possibility of giving birth to a unicorn again? What if this pony mated with a unicorn; what are the chances of having a pegasus, unicorn, or earth foal?

Yeah, from here on down it's pretty much all spoiler...

Pinkie Pie as a pig S2E13

The next bit that pleased me was the stand-up comedy. Only Pinkie would think of that to cheer up foals. And why aren't they laughing? That is some funny stuff. You gotta love the pig song too.

Baby Cakes Ew S02E13

If anyone asks, this was my idea.

That reminds me: one of the shots taken during that scene is of the foals looking really disturbed. I think that is the next pony reaction image. Seriously... just add Cupcakes art, or that really disturbing Fluttershy picture, and bam--

Do you know what else I really love about this episode? All the om-nom-nomming. At about 09:58 Pinkie shows them how it's done, then at 17:50 Pumpkin Cake is doin' it right. There are few things cuter than a filly nomming on a stuffed animal, that can only be expressed by Rainbow Dash making this face: /)^3^(\



Next, I was browsing through stills post-episode when I saw this image and was subsequently mind-blown. Check out this side-by-side comparison with one of the Cakes' toys. I am hereby awarding you a digital cookie if you recognized the little Pokemon Natu.

Pound and Pumpkin Cake covered in flour S2E13


I guess the last part I really love is the ending. I literally went 'awwww' when Pound and Pumpkin did that! Then they muttered 'Pinkie Pie' in their sleep... awwww :'D So adorable.

So, what are your thoughts on the episode? Do you want to see more of the Cakes? What about other foals on the show? And, what do you think about the newly-confirmed cross-species relationships?

Scenes that are good that you should watch because they are good

(Approximate times based off this version )

00:23 = Meet Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake!

00:44 = Instant 0-day-old birthday party!

01:01 = Pinkie's birthday song (Song #1)

01:09 = Filly Rarity! ...oh and an interspecies baby explanation.

02:28 = Happy Monthiversary (Song #2 for those of you keeping score)

03:53 = So that's how Pinkie knows when it's party time!

03:57 = Let's make funny faces! @__@ x__X 03o

05:18 = Ticked off Angel is always cute :3

06:15 = Oh nononononononono... (keep pressing that spot on the slider for doubled fun)

06:21 = If that isn't already a gif, MAKE IT SO :D

06:45 = Potty dance! Am I the only one seeing all the gif potential?

08:18 = Pinkie's stand-up comedy act

08:22 = Pumpkin attempts to eat the broomstick Pinkie uses as a mike... xD

09:05 = Piggy Dance song!

09:58 = Omnomnomnomnom!

17:51 = Nomnomnom~

...And some quotes

Pinkie Pie: "Quick, make a wish and blow out your candles, which is easy 'cuz there are zero candles! You are zero years old, after all!" (01:35)

Mr. Cake: "The food for the enormously big catering order we have to deliver today!" (04:46) (Is it just me, or does everypony bite off more than they can chew? Dibs on that tumblr image btw.)

Fluttershy: "Oh, I would love to babysit! But I can't today, sorry! I promised Angel we'd go on a picnic." (Angel stops foot) "You understand, don't you? You're not mad at me, are you?! Please don't be mad at me!" (05:11)

Twilight: "I have to finish this report for the princess summarizing all my other reports to the princess." (05:28)

Rainbow Dash: "Gotta dash!" (06:00) (If you don't get this one, watch the entire series all over again)

Rarity: "Moi? Babysit? Oh nononononononono..." (once they leave) "I'm flattered that you would think about me, though." (06:13) (Someone should make a looped video based on that 'nonono'. I'd play the entire thing.)

Pinkie Pie: (gasp) "I dunno, I'll have to check my schedule..." (06:30)

Pinkie Pie: "I can be responsible! Why, responsibility is my middle name: Pinkie Responsibility Pie!" (06:49)

Pinkie Pie (next to drum kit): "Yeuch, tough crowd."

Pinkie (in spotlight): "Tell me about it!" (08:52)


(Any recommendations for favorite quotes or scenes, just leave a comment!)