FANMADE Oaky ponysona

My ponysona made on General Zoi's pony maker (

I think some of the magic of artificial worlds is that, when crafted skillfully enough, one can imagine oneself as a part of that world. I think My Little Pony viewers know this well enough, asking questions like "What would I be like as a pony? Would I prefer the physical pegasi, the mental earth ponies or the emotional unicorns? What would my cutie mark be?" The answer to these questions is your ponysona, or your ponified persona.

To the left is a dollmaker version of my ponysona, me as a unicorn. I chose unicorn because, though I dream of flying, I believe that only Lauren Faust deserves to be an alicorn, and my dexterous unicorn side won. My cutie mark would be a quill writing a book, because some of my talents are writing and drawing, so my cutie mark demonstrates an author/illustrator.

So, what about you? Would you be a unicorn, pegasus or earth pony? What's your cutie mark? Could you link me to an image of your ponysona, or perhaps provide the corresponding code in a dollmaker?