I admit, it's been a while since I regularly edited the wiki. I earned several badges from the time I spent regulating the Baby Cakes and Last Roundup pages. But I went on a hiatus, until recently when the third season led me back to the List of Ponies. One thing led to another, and now that I'm a moderator on the subreddit , I'm ready to really get into updating the wiki.

Long story short, the season's over, but I still have a lot of work to do. Below is my to-do list for the List of Ponies, and you're welcome to help me out if you can. We need to work together to improve the wiki!

Listed Ponies To-Do List

(Where it applies, the order: Earth, unicorn, pegasus, foal; from bottom to top)

  1. Name all Season 3 ponies.
  2. Name all ponies.
  3. Replace unofficial placeholder names with official polls.
  4. Identify ponies that look like those depicted in merchandise (e.g. toys).
  5. Identify similar ponies in order to merge entries.
  6. Fix appearance times. 
  7. Fix ID images for higher quality.
  8. Fix colors on listed ponies.

Time to get cracking! 

July 11th edit: Decided to update the list as some priorities have changed. Remember, mods, don't be afraid to pitch in!