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  • Ocredan

    Letter of Resignation

    September 29, 2013 by Ocredan

    Good late September fellow wikians.

    As of recent, I have not been particularly active in the wiki, with less than optimal editing, rare presence in pages or chat and simple lack of knowledge of the latest changes made in the forums.

    I have also been dealing with some matters in skype that later leaked and as it turns out, the things there speak for themselves, I hurt a lot of my friends, from both sides of the conflict. I will now take responsibility for everything I have done and thus I will resign as an admin of the wiki.

    I don't want to get emotional here but you guys were simply incredible. For everything you have given me, I am in a debt I can never repay. There will be people always to replace me, better people who will do their job rig…

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  • Ocredan

    So I'm here at the 2013 Bronycon in Baltimore. As our wiki's only representing admin, I have taken it as my job to ask questions from the voice actors in their panel, which is in Saturday, 3rd of August, 2:30 PM, Gmt -5.

    What I want from you people, is to post questions for me to ask from the actors. I am representing the wiki, so I will pick the best questions you guys give me and I will ask as much as I can.

    Few notes:

    Voice Actors included:

    Maddy Peters: Scootaloo

    Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom

    Cathy Weseluck: Spike, Mayor Mare

    Lee Tockar: Steven Magnet, Snips

    Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia, Cheerilee

    Brenda Crichlow: Zecora

    You may not post questions about future events such as season 4. The actors want to deal with questions dealing with presen…

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  • Ocredan

    As with many other users recently, I have decided to leave the wiki chat indefinitely.

    The chat (which once was a haven for me to relax and recover from my enduring studies and military life) has become a random wasteland where people either post nonsense or keep fighting each other. As a moderator and later as an admin I tried to keep the chat in harmony but I only managed to make it worse by making the atmosphere seem too strict for some.

    The chat discussion also suffered the same fate and people just fought each other or didn't feel satisfied with the decisions made there. As a person who is very busy in real life, the chat as of recent, just made my free time a lot worse by being simply stressful.

    I will miss the chat but I believe it is …

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  • Ocredan

    As you all know, I spent nearly 9 months in service for my country's military as mandated by our constitution. Although the length of service could vary between 6-12 months, I was told as early as 2010 that I would be placed in the Military Police Unit, which has a 9 month minimum service. I started my service on July 9th, 2012 and ended it on March 20th, 2013.  In this blog post I'll try to tell about my experiences without getting too involved ^^.

    I never forget my early days in the army. Everyone was constantly shouting at you, you always had to hurry along to places and many people were depressed since it was a completely different way of life. I fared quite well, not feeling depressed and enduring the difficult physical training. As ti…

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  • Ocredan

    I cannot believe that I joined the wiki over five months ago. At that time I was buried in my studies but I had also fallen love with this show and I decided to join this site. Well now I have gained the moderator status, image control group membership, rollback rights and made more friends than I could've possibly imagined.

    This is why it makes it all the more difficult to announce that I'm entering a hiatus which will last anything from 9-12 months, since I have been drafted to serve in the armed forces of my country. I will not be completely cut off but for most of the time I'm still gone.

    I just want to say that I'm forever grateful for everything the wiki has offered me. You people have given me an international network of friends, tons…

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