The start

Yesterday I went to see the Iron Lady with three of my best friends. Three of us are bronies, one is not. So as soon as we had gathered, the brotalk started =)

In the movies

Well the brotalk did not end in the movie theater. We made constant bronyjokes about any and all suitable situations and my only non-brony friend became almost silent......

After the movies

Well we all liked the film but we didn't talk about it that much since my bronyfriends began talking about the show almost instanteneously. My non-brony friend clearly turned sad and soon he left. I felt guilt for the rest of the day until I got a chance to apologize. Why do I take responsibility? Because I'm clearly the leader of our group: I organize, I invite and usually I decide what we do.

The end

So if I would write about this situation to Celestia, this is what it would be like:

'Dear Princess Celestia, I learned today that even if you represent the opinion of the majority in your group, you still have a responsibility to take care of the minority. If you know and can take everybody to account you should do it, even if the majority does not always completely agree. Friendship has a lot of responsibility, which I didn't think of in that time.

Your faithful subject: Ocredan (Big Dash)