So I'm here at the 2013 Bronycon in Baltimore. As our wiki's only representing admin, I have taken it as my job to ask questions from the voice actors in their panel, which is in Saturday, 3rd of August, 2:30 PM, Gmt -5.

What I want from you people, is to post questions for me to ask from the actors. I am representing the wiki, so I will pick the best questions you guys give me and I will ask as much as I can.

Few notes:

Voice Actors included:

Maddy Peters: Scootaloo

Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom

Cathy Weseluck: Spike, Mayor Mare

Lee Tockar: Steven Magnet, Snips

Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia, Cheerilee

Brenda Crichlow: Zecora

You may not post questions about future events such as season 4. The actors want to deal with questions dealing with present or past situations, not questions that ask for information about upcoming details.

With that, I wish you all a great August. I shall enjoy the con!