I cannot believe that I joined the wiki over five months ago. At that time I was buried in my studies but I had also fallen love with this show and I decided to join this site. Well now I have gained the moderator status, image control group membership, rollback rights and made more friends than I could've possibly imagined.

This is why it makes it all the more difficult to announce that I'm entering a hiatus which will last anything from 9-12 months, since I have been drafted to serve in the armed forces of my country. I will not be completely cut off but for most of the time I'm still gone.

I just want to say that I'm forever grateful for everything the wiki has offered me. You people have given me an international network of friends, tons of laughs and made me endure even the hardest setbacks that I had in my studies.

Rainbow blush S01E23

You people have made me the happiest pony around

I finish this blog by stating that how much I love you people. I have never before been treated so well. I will try my best to get here every chance I get.

This is Ocredan, signing off.