While I'm still working on Untold Paradox, much like Michael ramsey, I have ideas for other stories that I plan on working on. Here is few ideas that have sprang in mind.

On a Sick Day

Rarity has recently fallen ill and she can't get out of bed. The other mane six decide on will be one to take care of her. Applejack decided to be the one. AJ goes through all the trouble of cooking for her, cleaning the Boutique, and even try to make dresses for Rarity. Applejack gets annoyed with all the orders from Rarity, but she keeps doing it to win the heart of the unicorn she loves. She is willing to do anything for her no matter what.

(Guess what that kind of story this is)

Sweet Southern Apple Comfort

Apple Bloom decides to visit Manehatan to see Babs for a week. Grannny Smith and Big Mac were okay with it, but Applejack was worried on what might happen to Apple Bloom and decides to tag along. While Aplejack was with Applebloom, Apple Bloom started hang with Babs and some other fillies and colts; within a few days Apple Bloom had change in personality. Applejack noticing this and tries to turn her back. Apple Bloom refuses at every attempt Applejack tries to turn her back. Applejack begins to worry that she will lose her sister to life of Manehatan...forever!

(I actually got the title idea from the song that is now on my profile. Well actually I just added one word to it.)

Ones that need some more brain storming

Rainbows are Trix of the Light (RDxTrixie ship, for some reason shipping those two did pop into my head)

Update: might have a plot for this soon...

Nameless Scooty-Wooty (Scootaloo) and Babs ship

And that is about it at the moment.