I do not know if this has already been done, I'm sorry for making another one. I am going to say my least favorites.

I putting this as least to most hated out of the characters I hate

Flim and Flam-Since this is kind of sort, but since they sing and how they dress to me look like Barbor Shop Quartets. So they remind me of drop outs from a Barbor Shop Quartets.

Rainbow Dash-(flame sheild)

  1. Mysterious Mare Do Well, This episode is what made me started to hate RD. She thought she was a super hero for doing an everyday hero job. She got real cocky because of the things she did. If a different pony got the praise, they probably act less cocky. Just because you do something that any pony could have done don't mean you are a super hero. It actually made since the others to not to talk to her, because she would'nt have listen anyway as cocky as she gotten.
  2. Boasting, I get annoyed with her talking about her talents! They could actually make anypony do anything that can if they wanted to. You can be fast at times, how original. Your special talent. How original, and I am talking about what it repersents, a super strong move you can do to make you stronger or faster. Not all of the things you do is not worth boasting about!
  3. Flaws, is not what I have in mind when it comes to heroes. I prefer my villians to act like RD, not my heroes as that would just make them annoying. In fact her flaws are to much for me to handle. Could have they just stick to her not carring much about fashion? No I do not believe is evil, but should have a flaws and none of the happen to be something to seen in a villian.
  4. Ponyville Confidental, I started to hate her more since episode after Hurricane Fluttershy, why, well there was again problems. Her being a jerk and another problem, that will be discuss alittle bit later, butShe attack the CMCs. When they try to appologize, she attack them at first. Though they told lies, RD did almost get a treatment from the spa.
  5. Behavior, sure can be wild and bit of a jerk, but at times she will pick the wrong time to do it. She was not being nice to Fluttershy in Dragon Quest, as she should have talk to her more nicely, but instead she continue to force her to do something she didn't want to do. If she didn't want to go to the butterfly migration,you could have said no. If you said no in a mean way, then you probably got the stare and for that you kind of asked for that. Her pet, Tank, she did not care much about him at first, because he was on the ground and slow. She liked him because he saved her life. What makes a good pet is not what is like you, but respects you and accepts you as it's master.
  6. Fame Hogger, she wants pony to look up to as the greatest pony. She shows off so they look at her of being so. She really do not have to be a show off.

Well I got nothing more to say about RD. Those are the reasons why I hate her.

Snips and Snails-I find them dumb and annoying. I really don't care much about them.

Diamond Tiarra-She is a real brat! Just so spoil. I get tire and tire of her. I do not see her as antagonist. Just a brat that tries to hard. She has nothing to do with the main characters. She annoys me. She is boaring, all she really does is make fun of things and tries to boss things around. These do not make me think of an antagonist, but just annoying!

If you have any characters you dislike you can say who and why.