welp, two rounds have come and gone. So here we are the third round. Boy this getting tougher and tougher for some of you I guess. I know the last round just happen a week ago. it sure flew by. Well time to start voting again.

Round 2 Results:

Poll 1 Keep Calm and Flutter On 8 Return of Harmony 1&2 22

Poll 2 Just For Sidekicks 16 Secret of My Excess 12

Poll 3 Luna Eclispe 18 Hearth's Warming Eve 10

Poll 4 Last Round-Up 8 Apple Family Reunion 19

Poll 5 Feeling Pinkie Keen 17 One Bad Apple 13

Poll 6 Magical Mystery Cure 16 Cutie Mark Chronicles 12

Poll 7 Party of One 8 Bridle Gossip 4 Wonderbolts Academy 16

Again, voting ends next Sunday.