This picture what can I say. I have had many concerns about pictures and they all have been proven wrong. This is just another case, hopefully, But awhile back before this season started I had dreams of Twilight leaving. Twilight wasn't happy in the dreams, but that creepy smile could be just a smile of assuerance and everything is going to be okay. Besides if Twilight is leaving, than who is replacing her season 5 if there is anypony relcing her. That is what is hitting me with this picture. It could be fake or just not as bad as I thought. My guess that the castle being remodeled and fix might have something to do with it. If I could fnd the picture tha came with this pic I could explain the castle theory a little better. Tell me what do you think of the picture. is it real or fake? If it is real, do you think isn't as bad as I think? I know al of I thinking I'm an idiot right now.

Now I notice the box behind Celestia's tail, so maybe it has something to do with the box. Not sure what is going on, but Twilight is still creepy looking.