I'm making this a blog rather than posting this as a comment is, well I seem to be having problems with commenting. I'm able to make this I don't know I will be able to reply to your comments or not. Maybe the weather kind of messing up my connection, but I'm still able to get in here. So I don't know. anywayse point I made this blog.

Reaction Time

Twilight and Rainbow Dash flying animatic promotional

The continuity of Twilight flying in the end of Mystery Magic Cure is broken. Really McCarthy? Oh wait your turn Twiligyhtinto an idiot that is why. Heck even do the comics are optional cannon, an issue cover shows Twilight flying and Trixie is burning her tail. So does Twilight really know how to fly? Probably, just McCarthy has sucked at writing Twilight properly as of late. Really looking at the date it says 11/23 and well McCarthy said she written the season premire, this might be taking place in the premire. Also some might say RD isto help Twilight, I kind of looking at it as RD is more making fun of her. Then in I haven't really been extremely proud of how you written RD in the past, except maybe one or two episodes. You ain't t Morrow when it comes to writing RD, so liking RD better is going to be hard for me to do. Of course the other writers could make Twilight and RD better than you. Well maybe Powell can make a better RD.  Really without larson I can't really have high hopes for a good written Twilight and without Morrow I can't have hope for a good writen Rainbow. So season 4 is going to be just fine -.-. Twilight has been writen decently by Morroween writen decently by Larson, So I can't hope for decent characterization of those two either. All and all my hopes for season 4 being good is starting to go down the drain more.

To be a little fair and not sound a little too bias about my favorite two writers:

There has been only one episode that Morrow disappointed me with Rainbow Dash and one episode Larson disappointed me with Twilight. All in all Larson is the best Twilight writer and Morrow is the best RD writer.