thumb|Princess Luna in episode 2.Hello there, i was in the chat room with Embergale, and we got on the topic of Princess Luna, and how she has grown since episode 2. So me and Embergale got to work on studying Pony time and growth patterns. I realized that there is atleast 1, 2, or 3 days in every episode.

1+2+3=6 take the 6, and divide it by 3 to get the mean, or the average.

You should get 2. x2 by 30, and get 60. But wait, theres more.

You also have to take note that Twilight had to write to the Princess every week through all of season 1. Thus there must've been 7 days between each episode in season 1.

So take 2x7x30 and you should get 810. 810 days have passed between Elements of Harmony, part 2, and Luna Eclipse. Thats atleast 2 2/6 years.

But wait, theres still more. In Winter Wrap Up, they had to melt all the snow. But where did all the snow come from!?! In Swarm Of The Century 9which is right before Winter Wrap Up,) they are growing crops just fine, so it must've been spring. But in Winter Wrap Up, winter has just ended, and they are preparing for spring. Thus, an entire year must've passed between episode 10 and 11.

Giving us 3 2/6 years between episode 2, and Luna Eclipse. Thus explaining Luna's rapid growth, and different color and mane.

If anypony would like to help me and Embergale in our studies, please leave what you've found out in the comments.

Thank you for your help.