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  • Omegawolf7

    Derpy's New Voice

    February 27, 2012 by Omegawolf7
    So, i've hearing a lot about Derpy's new voice in the re-released iTunes episode of The Last Roundup.
    Honestly, I don't mind her new voice. In fact, I hated the old one. I said most of what I wanted to say on the comment I made on The Last Roundup page, so look there. Anyway, keep in mind little kids still watch the show who don't what "derp" even means, so thats probably why they changed it. And it doesn't mean she's "dead" just because her voice is altered. Shes still Derpy Hooves and thats that. 'Nuff said.

    See you in my next blog! :)
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  • Omegawolf7

    Stubborn Brony

    January 21, 2012 by Omegawolf7

    Ok, for the last few months, i've been trying to turn my 13 year old cousin into a brony/pegasister. I've tryed everything, from making her watch episodes, to shoving my Applejack toy in her face, purposely covering my room with pony pictures, and nothing seems to work! Turning my sister into a brony, well, that was no problem, but my cousin...not so much. I know it's not nice to force something, but she's right on the border, she's just having trouble accepting that she is a brony. So, this is my last resort. If you have any ideas at all, tell me in the comments! Thanks for your help! ~Omegawolf7

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