Hey, gang. I hope you guys are doing well. Life's been super busy here. 

Recently on Equestria Daily , there was a Spike Day thing going on for one day, and I thought about doing something amazing for this summer. I'm seeking someone out there that can do costume commissions (I don't have the skills to do a costume on my own), leaning towards mascot-style. I was thinking of Spike, possibly him as Humdrum. I'd be showing it off at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con this July. So far, I've approached one person on that, but I've not heard back whether or not the person is able to take on the task. If anyone knows of any folks out there that may be able to do this commission (USA required), reply here or leave me a private message and strongly prefer seeing past works or a website that shows what this person can do.

Thank you, and on a slightly different note, I look forward to next month's Season Five premiere. Bring it on!