It seems like many fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are really enjoying Season Four right now, and I have to say that's pretty cool to see. What are my thoughts? While there have been some really good episodes and nice moments from the current season, I'm definitely not on board the "Season Four is the best season ever!" express. Where do I find areas that I have problems with?

1. Spike - I have no problem saying that he's my favorite among the main characters of the show. For the most part, I do like how the majority of the main characters have been written in this season. Unfortunately, I cannot say Spike is one of them. I realize that he's not as popular among the FIM audience as the others, but he's certainly not a lightweight when it comes to how much he impacts the stories of different episodes. This season, however, I'm sorry to say that he's not been written very well. Outside of Power Ponies and Simple Ways, for the most part, he's just been there and nothing but one that's always a victim of things that go wrong. That's just one problem I have with how the character has been handled. I also feel like the writers have missed opportunities to really develop him with other characters. Does anyone believe that it looks as if he's grown apart from the six? I found that really disheartening. You see him in less with the others than we did all of last season. I don't expect him to be in every episode or in all adventures with the six, but he's really missed out on a lot. After Power Ponies, he's really been devalued as a character for the show.

It doesn't just stop with Spike, however.

2. Twilight Sparkle - I'll be honest with you, I've expected more from Twilight this season, and so far, despite her number of appearances, I'd say she's developed a lot less than the other five ponies. Has she past her peak of development? I tend to believe that there's more that can be done to really develop her. Some of her best moments and greater development seem to happen with her number one assistant, and surprisingly, that's really been lacking a lot this season. It's possible that her best moments of the season could be at the end of the season, so I'm trying to be more hopeful for that, too.

3. Spitfire - Sure, she's talented and "cool", but her personality has really taken a beating this season -- enough for me to say I can't stand her. It began with Wonderbolts Academy from the previous season, and then we saw Rainbow Falls -- yikes! I know some people really dislike Diamond Tiara, but Spitfire has her beat in that category. I want to believe that in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (I'm definitely believing she'll return), she'll be less of a "you-know-what."

That's pretty all I have to add for the time being. Listen, I'm sure those writing the episodes are doing the best that they can (many people can be extreme to the point where they go after the staff personally, and that's not okay), it's just that some of the issues I have this season are enough to really have an effect on my enjoyment for the series. Will I continue to watch the show after this season? I hope so.

If you have any issues with Season Four, what are they? What could be better?