In the Pokemon world badges are rewards in completeing a gym, their is usualy eight badges for each gym. in real life people get badges that represent high positions such as the police or FBI. On this web site you get badges for taking part in helping the web site. If this is away to get people to help out maybe they should do it for everyday jobs such as school. Maybe kids could be able to do their work. Or maybe badges for keeping your communitee clean. Then people would be able work on not polluting but stead keeping it safe for all forms of life. Then again badges are annoying, it represent accomplements that have no meaning, or some way showing off accomplements that very few people do. But, I can say only one place that needs badges is for people who are losing weight, geting off alchole, and smoking. Because it is sign of accomplement for a very much alonly mission. Who knows where badges come in good use.