Bullies are cowards, They hide behind unsigned names, charm and power. Now a day bullies use the internet as a tool for bullying their victims. They call names, create rumors and intimitated them. When I was in elementry school bullies use to call names, start fights and torcher me with items such as pine needles. Now a days it sexual abuse, weapons such as guns, and romance. If their is a history of bullies much has changed since us adults grown up. Other forms bulling include "the trap". It is a simple tactic, one day are this monster terriorising there victims, they get caught by a parent, teacher or peer, the next day, they act nice and as if they have changed their ways. It is not true, the very next day, they return to their old ways and start a new terrior. Others are intemitation. They use power in body size, the law and weapons to over come the higher power. The only ways to over come bullies is a simple tactic. Tell someone, a teacher, a parent, a principal, the police and or a boss. Once they have been told on there action will be known. But support your clam, get more history. A bully has a history. They would have many victims as well as many complants. If you could keep track of their history and actions it would keep them on the edge. Once a bully is found there actions can become queationable. They would not be able to get away with tactics such as the trap or able to hide from the higher powers. Finaly, just to remeber that these people are human just like you and me. They to have bben victims of bullying, or come from a very tough life. Then again, they proble have social or psychological problems that they feel that it is ok to be tougher then other people. Then again they might be something else like gang enrollment. Then, it is different problem and police is must be called in. But, remember bullies are human and should be treated as humans and know that not to go up against them you will become part of the problem.