What happens when you feel like you are being watched. or everything you do is be questioned. Right now I feel like that. I have a different way of doing things, both as a user and administrator. When I see something not right I go out of my way to fix it. When I have a bad feeling I find out if there is a problem. I see a user as a member of the family not a outsider. Users that have been questionable for other reasons, I need to know why it happened in the first place so that it can be averted before it can get worse. I am not naming anyone but, I have looked into many user who have been under my watch. Not because I do not trust them. It is more to there sincerity. Even people of higher power can have a dark past. It is not a bad think, it can be anything. It is like how police and bussiness check into your past because it can effect how you would be hired. It still scares me when someone you believed in turns out to be a real bad egg. It is hard for me to swollow, and if it is hard to believe. There are allot of people off the web who where of higher power and show there true colours like the Coach for Penn State Football team who mollested Kids in his past. This is an example of higher power being a bad apple. Even I have a bad past but I do not look at it has a rock but a challenge to fix what I did wrong. Making being blocked is not the end all for a user but a way to rethink their actions that caused the problem in the first place. I found that undoing vandals and spam is my strong sute. And I look for vandals as if they were prey. Sure it means that administrators are on there knees trying to do there job. I do not mind that because it is there jobs. But they are not on the site all the time because they are human and have the rights to take a break to recop there self. That is where I come into play because I look for what they miss. Anyway because of that there are users that see me more of a problem and wish for me to stop doing what I am doing and just add new things. I do not mind adding new things it is just that it is more of my strong sute to do the right thing and stop vandalism first and adding new things second. For that I have been targeted in the past by vandals and bullies. I wish to open my feelings to the world, to put things down. I love Arthur series, I like Twilight Sparkle, I like Sonic the Hedgehog, I like animals, dinosaurs and mytical beasts. I go by a code of honor that puts me in a code of justice. I should not kill for any reason, I should not hurt kids or girls. I should not hurt adults. Stealing is wrong and believeing in your fath is way I am. Thank You