Welcome to the darkest part of Equastrya. This house is located in the dark forest. It is home to ghosts, and other creepy crawlies. Here will be a place full of Ghost Ponies. The ancient ponies of the past. There are two type of ghosts one is a good ghost and bad ghosts. The bad ghosts live in the dark basement of the house. while the good ghosts live in the top two floors. Inside is an old victorian house. With a grand stairs that goes up to the ball room. At first glance the ghosts has reverted it back to the old days when the house is in use, The grand ball room in its hay day was a lovely place for people to dance to the waltz. Now it is a mess with torn shades. The main floor once was the front desk with ponies carriers would carry there guests stuff to there bed room. Yes the bed room was on the first floor and second floor. But the second floor bed rooms suround the ball room making it the center of attenition. And on the first floor there is a huge kitchen were the cooks would prepare the meals for the day. In the back of the house was a garden that use to have beautyful flowers. But all there things where illusions from the ghosts on the first and second floor. It is the basement is a different story. It was home to the janitor till he was fired for incompantence. Now a dark spirit of the janitor is living in the basement of the haunted house. While, on the main floor a helpful spirit of a female mare. She would greet visitors to the hotel and help get a bag carrier when there is no bag carrier to him the visitors. On the 2nd floor a male stallion is spoted in the ball room, always willing to dance with who ever is avable for the ball and after thanks the partner offers a punch to them. There is another ghost that live in this house. There is a ghost that live in the back of the house in the office that is marked for Manager. Inside is another ghost. This ghost is not a pony, or a demon. It is a Boo. She is a pink boo, with two bows, She will talk to the quests, because unlike the other ghosts she is very much know that she is a ghost and more alive than the other ghosts in the house. She is scared of the other ghosts more than the guests in the house. The animals that live in the house are mice, spiders and bats. They are very friendly and just as shy as fluttershy. They will appear to the guests in there location. But the thing is that when the guests leave the house and reopens the door they will see there is nothing there and boo is standing dazed and confused.