Humans have been around for about 10,000 years or so. Humans have evolved to be able to do things for them through trial and error and learning. What happens when we allow robots take over. If we do our abilities become oppsolite. We just become lazy and just a hand that fixs the machine. Ok, we are not at the point that machines are taking over but we are a time when simple things like books are being replaced by computers, TV and video games. Our parents say a little is enough. But if don't allow our own natural mobilities and mind. We will lose out all things that are wonderfull. When was the last time you had a walk in the park, or go to the museam. It maybe expensive to go to the museam and it is free to go to the park but it is worth it. Studies show that humans do better when we get back to nature. It is relaxing and calming. But if we allow the machine to take over our work. It would becoming boring and useless. We work to live, we live to work. Yes, machines do make things that are usually dangerous now safe and things are deadly now life saving. That is ok because it means that their is someone behind the machine willing to make things safe and life saving. Other than that there is alot of things that do not need machines. A matter of fact, making hockey sticks requires know machines. The parts for a computer requires a combination of human and machines, because a machine can not clean the sensitive parts that part of a computer. As for the internet, humans is a must have. If we allow a machine to determine the final say on a website, it will become impossible to upgrade or add because the machine will not allow anything to add or improve unless it says to do so. I rather know that there is a human or alien behind the creation of all our stuff.