This is the ultiment test for any user. It requires skill, brains and nerves of steel. It is called the Orion Challenge. It is for all users on this site to go to another non My Little Pony website. And try to edit on the site for a day. Try to edit on one of my site's I am part of or try to edit on Colgate's sites he is part of. Maybe in the end you can see how annowing it is to get into fights with the site administrators and other members. It even harder to join a site that has so much stuff done. Look at my page and it will show you which sites I am a part of or look at Colgates page to for his sites. I am going to warn you it is harder than hell. And this is a one day challenge. This challenge is ment so that users can feel they way I feel. I have attempted to be part of this site in anyway I can but have failed 90 per cent of the time. This challenge is to focus mostly on the sites I know especially my own site Nature of Toronto Wiki. Even you do not like this challenge this challenge will show you that dispite being a user for only a year.