This month is Super Mario Month for all you gamers on this site. The New Super Mario Bros 2. So I am just talking about the main characters and some or most of the character in the series. First let me explain how the video game works. You play as Super Mario and run through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the evil king of the Koopas Bowsers. He must jump and duck to avoid the massive army he has let lose on the Mushroom Kingdom. With his brother Ludgi he will gain a reputation to be the bravest hero of all time.

Mario- A heavy build man, with a mustash. He is wears red pants and red overals with gold buttons, blue shirt, and red hat with a white half circle with a red "M". Disspite his size and weight he is very fast and strong for a human. His signature move is his jump attacks. If given a red and white mushroom also known as a super mushroom he grows big and can destroy brick blocks.