All of us who are on this site has something in common. We are all wiki users. Not all wiki users are "good". Because it is summer. "O.K, it is summer so what." It is that when kids get out of school they have to much free time. Some kids use the time to go to camp and other spend time on the interner. But there is the teens. Yes the teens, there is more stuff for kids than for teens. There is Summer Jobs like working at the C.N.E, and that keeps them busy but there are bad eggs. Wiki sites are there target. During the summer users and Administrators will realize that vandilism will be up more than usual. So for all users this means pulling up there pants and fix the vandals have done. I been on two sites that has been vandilised. Even on a light traffic site like Arthur Wiki has been vandilised more than once during the summer. So, if you are a member of another wiki site or administrator or founder better check on your site daily or on every hour, because your site may have been vandilised.