Vandilism is a problem on the internet and in the real world. People just do not care about someones feelings. My page has been vandilied since I took part of the wiki commitee, I am been put into canadate for deletion, been erased completely, Modified works I have done on my page, and even teased. Just because of someones choices, dose not mean to go through their stuff destroy them. I like other things than unicorns and arthur. I like animals, video games, volunteering and playing magic the gathering. If I go to those sites and partisipate in their wiki except volunteering, dose it mean that I will be followed. Reason I choice to participate in these sites because I want to stop vandilism. First time, I was looking about information on Arthur, and when the information was not correct I started researching the information. In the end the information was wrong and I knew what I had to do, join a wiki site. Ever since then I hunt down the vandals and unseless information. Eventualy, I made my way to this site, I was looking up stuff on human versions of my little pony, and I wanted its counterpart the animal version. I went to Twilight Sparkle page it was vandalised, the picture was not correct, and so was the information. Then I knew I opened a new door, ever since then I have tryed to take part in muliply web sites. Ever since then I have been vandalised, followings on Arthur site been tampered with to the point that Wiki sites need to have better security. I can not believe that someone would go to the ultiment length to bothering me on ever level. Not any more I will countinue my fight to stop vandilism. I will keep my voice out their in this reality.