A grumpy Rainbow Dash S01E07
The Flash
Ok fokes this is the race of the century. Sonic the Hedgehog vs Rainbow Dash vs The Flash. Sonic the Hedgehog clocks in at 1000 mph, and capable to create a sonic boom that can destroy doctor eggmans badnicks. Rainbow Dash can move so fast her strieak is a rainbow. Her famious tecnique is the Rainbow Boom. The Flash can run at.....I loss track. Anyway he can move so fast that he can turn the ground to glass and able to move fast enough to pass through walls. There only weakness is. Sonic is afraid of water, The Flash needs to eat ever few minutes due to his high metabolism and Rainbow Dash can be very laid back and strong willed. It is now uo to the world to descided who will win this three leged race. Plus if their any more competers let me know.