Transformers Generation One Intros Openings 1984-198703:17

Transformers Generation One Intros Openings 1984-1987

From Generation 1

Beast Wars Season 1 Opening01:02

Beast Wars Season 1 Opening

To the epic beast wars

Transformers has been entriteinaing kid for over 30 years look at bask in the glory that is Transformers

First came Genration 1 and revolutionized the world

The Beast Wars Sequl seris and Beast Machinces introduced Beast into the Transformres Univers with CGI

Transformers Animated Unicron Trilogy Intros02:35

Transformers Animated Unicron Trilogy Intros

Then came the Unicron trilogy which entrained us for theyears to come

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Teaser Trailer - Official (HD)02:28

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Teaser Trailer - Official (HD)

finaly Transformers came to the Big screen with three epic movies

Then with the Reintoduction of Unicron into the franchise this Unicron Trilogy kept us with a three seris story with Unicrons ever Present power.

Then the live action movies revolutionized the Transformers world as we knew.

Transformers Animated - Long Intro01:02

Transformers Animated - Long Intro

Then the Transformers made their TV sreis blossom again



And to keep us busy until the next movie was Transformers Animated

Now, following the succses of War for Cybertron the Lates seris Transformers Prime airs alongside Transformers Rescue Bots for the first time as two ongoing Transformers show that take place in the same Aligned Contunuity that keeps us wanting more!