After posting that Rainbow Rocks Guessing Game, I've decided to post a Friendship Games Guessing Game.

This is my guess for My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games:

Social-Awkward Human Twilight, who goes to Crystal Prep, was investigating the magic at Canterlot High. Then Human Cadance convinces her to make some friends. She tries making friends with the Shadowbolts, but they only care about being the best.

In the scene where Twilight loses control of her magic, she calls for the Crystal Prep girl to help her, but they didn't do anything. But then, Sunset Shimmer and the Humane 5 helped her out. It was then Twilight realized who her 'real' friends are.

At the end, Crystal Prep won the trophy (I think there's a trophy) for the Friendship Games. But then they start feeling guilty. After everything that's happened, they decided to give the trophy to the Wondercolts. The Shadowbolts may have won it as "Games", but the Wondercolts won it for the "Friendship".

Everyone please post your guesses on what might happen in the movie in the comments.