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I would like to correct my previous claim. My opposite for MLP would have to be RvB (Red vs. Blue). It's been my favorite series for ages. Of course it's a bit mature and not in the same class, but the stories were original and entertaining. Sure the ponies did more talking about their personal problems than taking action, but the lines from RvB were more creative and it seem them actually know what they're talking about. MLP and RvB characters are a mix of colorful personalities coming together. But I would say the Red and Blue solders may not get along, but they seem more honest and outspoken than the ponies. The ponies are always trying to avoid problems while the Reds and Blues are having fun getting into trouble.

I always feel the Dazzlings should return as new allies. But I don't want their personalities to be as friendly like the Humane 7. I like them to keep their bad girl personalities, but in the nice way. I know they wouldn't be very sensitive, but it would improve the status quo by giving our heroes some tough love. It's like the Humane 7 teaming up with Blue Team. Come to think of it, they never really interact with the Dazzlings the whole time they were there. Imagine the attitude adjustment they might get by actually hanging out with the Dazzlings. Seriously. Quit making saints out of sinners.