In a review video of Amending Fences, and they say that people in real-life can relate to Moon Dancer. To be honest, I believe I can relate to her far too well.(sad)

I was once a young man who just finished high school. I really like cartoons, and I loved making fan fictions. Any idea that pops into my head, I would type it down. I could imagine dozens of stories in my head. Even in school, I wasn't that open. But when I discovered MLP, I was opened to a brand new world. Seeing the nice, fun, friendly realm that is Equestria has really touched me. The show was not only entertaining, but also shows moral values. Seeing the characters mature and learning about life lessons made me feel good about myself. I even thought of writing an MLP fan fic. But all of that change when I went to college.(sad2)

I couldn't focus on my work, the assignments were too complicated for me to understand, and I had to take a class twice so I could pass it. After the first year, I decided to drop out. I felted like a big failure. All of my plans for the future were ruined. I had nothing to fall back on. Nobody ever offered me any support, if as though they've given up on me. I have done nothing but watch videos on my computer and looking for a job. None of the cartoons made me feel as good as they used to. I started to doubt them, even MLP.(sad3)

When Season 3 came out, I wasn't healing as before. It's as if Seasons 3 & 4 were more focused on the "Twilight Princess Arc" than actually teaching people about friendship. That's why I was so glad Season 5 was bring back the slice of life style back to MLP. All I could think about is that MLP fan fiction I wanted to make. It was the only thing I had left. For the past three years, I haven't put a single word down. I kept changing ideas, overworking on the characters, and adding new information from the show onto it. I didn't want MLP to fail me, as I failed myself.(cry)

I realize that now, and I decided I never want to fail like that again.(sad4)