Okay, i heard lately Hasbro is gonna make a new equestria girls movie titiled "Friendship games". and this is how i think the story goes...(ITS MADE UP BY ME.)

Wondercolts academy is having a olympic competiton versus Crystal Prep Academy. They are devided into two groups.

Wondercolts and Shadowbolts. the antagonists of this movie could be Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet and Lemon Zest.

They want to win ALL the medals and trophies so they pretend to be friends with the "MANE 6" (including sunset shimmer) so it would be easier to trick them.

As the Other twilight walks to the field, The mane 6 run up and hug her. thinking that she is the pony twilight. though pinkie can "pinkie" sense she is NOT the Twilight she knows cause she knows everypony and thier differences. 

The other Twilight gets confused at first. but then she knew that her reasearch was indeed true about having  a clone of her.

Twilight in this movie is either good or bad.

or another version of this movie is: THE TWISTED VERSION.

Twilight from equestia recives a message from sunset shimmer for help. AGAIN. because The 3 antagonists are cheating. Not knowing there is a 2nd twilight, she goes to the human world. The other Twilight was standing by the mirror the moment she arrived. She smirked and grabbed Twilight to do some experimenting and testing.

Twilight is also confused. Almost everytime they talked, they jinxed.

Okay i think thats it guys... please tell me if you like my hunch about the next movie!

And please agree that in the 100th episode in mlp is the BEST​